Traditional Upholstery


Traditional upholstery is a technique which dates back several centuries and has been perfected over the years. Materials used are long lasting, usually eco-friendly and naturally fire retardant such as horsehair fillings, hessian and twine.

Modern Upholstery


Modern upholstery – was first used in the 20th century when new materials were developed primarily to keep costs down. Materials include foam and rubberized hair. Rather than using tacks to hold material in place staples are used. This technique uses some materials which may not last as long as the equivalent materials do in traditional upholstery but can for various reasons be the preferred choice.


Soft Furnishing


Soft Furnishings – Cushions e.g. scatter, seat and bolster cushions



Using a modern technique I can create a headbord to your taste.



A traditional craft is applied to replace caning making your furniture look as good as new.