My interest in all things creative started in my childhood when my mother spent endless hours with my siblings and I making anything crafty including teaching us how to knit. She had a sewing machine, which we would use to our hearts content. There were numerous pieces of clothing and curtains made on that machine. In our DT (Design Technogolgy) classes we were lucky enough to try both woodwork and sewing skills and it was a difficult decision to take when I had to choose between the two for my secondary education.


Leaving my native Sweden for the UK with my husband to be I became the ‘housewife’ in every single sense. Having brought up three lovely young boys, now all in their teens, my ‘job’ as mum had reached a turning point. With a need to create I took my opportunity when my husband’s grandmother passed away leaving us a few pieces of armchairs in need of attention. I signed up with Wendy Shorter,, who runs one of the AMUSF (The Association of Master Upholsteres & Soft Furnishers) training centres in the UK to train to become an upholsterer. It turned out to be the perfect combination for me, allowing me to work with both wood and fabrics. 


Starting off working in a bank, securing a BA in a second language, bringing up three children I have now found my niche.


I thrive on working to make every piece I undertake into a beautiful better version of itself and would consider it a privilege to work on your piece of heirloom or new acquisition being it a traditional or modern piece. 


I do hope I get the pleasure of meeting you soon with your project in tow.