Pernilla 3 - Bruno Mathsson

Pernilla 3 was designed by Mathsson in 1944, although this particular model was produced by DUX in the 1970s. Unlike today when Bruno Mathsson International design the frame in wood these were made of steel. The linen base is therefore glued around the steel frame rather than being tacked as can be done on the frames of wood. It makes the process of getting it tight enough much harder. Once the linen base is fixed a loose cushion is made to fit with stitching to add detail.

Mathsson was well ahead of his time. To find the perfect shape he used the snow in winter to find the most ergonomical shape for his designs. A man ahead of his time he designed and produced houses with one wall made of bricks and the remaining three of three-layered glass with isolating gas in between. The houses also had electrical underfloor heating. These houses were produced and sold over a 10 year period but at that point he lost interest due to constant intransigent.

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