Bedroom curtains

New curtains and colour on the walls made a well needed change for my son who had outgrown his bedroom a long time ago. A job well suited in-between customers. Fabric from Manuel Canovas, a favourite of mine, and paint Farrow and Ball. Happy boy.

New curtains for my sons bedroom. A job I don't normally do as it hasn't appealed to me. However, I really rather enjoyed it this time. In fact I now have plans to re-do another room in the house including curtains but more of that later. This fabric came from Manuel Canovas, a true favourite of mine, and paint from Farrow and Ball. The main wall was painted in a grey colour but this accent wall is my favourite. A well overdue project as my son grew out of his boy bedroom a long time ago and is now well into his teens. He's a happy boy again now.

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